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Which is the difference between MT4 Instant and Market?

There are two types of accounts on MetaTrader4, which have differences on the time of execution of the transaction:

1.   Instant Execution method (instantly): the transactions are done by the price the request was made, or, if the quotation had changed, the client will receive a ‘requote’. ‘Requote’ is an announcement that the price had changed and the offer to open a new order with a new price.

2.   Market Execution method: the transactions are made to the actual price, which are on the market at the time of creating the request. If the price has changed at the time of sending the request, the transaction will be completed anyways.

 If the price for yourself is important at the moment of creating an order, we recommend you to use the Instant Execution method. At the time of finalizing the transaction using the Market Execution method , the role of the closing transaction is very high, if you need to end the transactions quickly without ‘requotes’, we recommend this method.

Also, you may have noticed that when you use the ‘trading with one click’, you can close the transactions by clicking on the ‘x’ sign on the right part of this transaction, tab ‘Operations’. However, with high oscillation of the market, it may exist ‘requotes’ conditions. But with this type of order closing, ‘requotes’ tabs may not appear.

To avoid this, is possible to establish the maximum deviation on a MT4-Instant account. If the price changes while the deviation, the transaction will conclude. You can install the window opening/closure of the transaction by clicking on the box ‘Use maximum deviation of quoted price’ and indicating the number of points you feel comfortable with. Example:

Also is possible to establish a default deviation. To do so, click on ‘Tools’ – ‘Options’ and on the tab ‘Trade’ establish ‘Deviation by default’


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