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When opening a trade in Libertex, you can always rest assured your risk is limited by your investment amount, while your free margin always remains safe on your account.

In the traditional trading market (not the CFD market) an Option is a contract where the seller gives the right (not the obligation) to the buyer to buy or sell an underlying trading tool such as,

Note that the market can have two prices at any given time:

As you know we count with Loyalty statuses where you can find those under this link

Split (or splitting) is a procedure performed by corporations to increase the number of shares in a company, as well as to make them more affordable to clients and traders.

What are bonus funds?

In your trading activities, you can use leverage, or multiplier, which is a feature increasing your trade's profit potential; however, it increases your risk, too.

Welcome Bonus is real money, which can be obtained by participating in current Company promotions.

General Financial Instrument Trading Conditions.