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If you need to reset your demo-account to its default state, please, switch to demo account and click "Start again" button.

To complain on a transaction you have made on your live account, in case you believe it has been executed or processed incorrectly, please fill out 

The active trade report provides you with some general info on the trade in question:


- Transaction date

- Open price

- Transaction type

VIP status offers you the best trading conditions and allows you to increase your trading performance!


Here are the benefits available to you as a VIP:

A spike is a non-market quote. 

A spike may look like this on a chart:

When opening a trade in Libertex, you can always rest assured your risk is limited by your investment amount, while your free margin always remains safe on your account.

Split (or splitting) is a procedure performed by corporations to increase the number of shares in a company, as well as to make them more affordable to clients and traders

What are bonus funds?

Bonus funds (bonuses) are funds that can be granted to the User by the Company due to the User's special status or participation in various Company programmes, and w

In your trading activities, you can use leverage, or multiplier, which is a feature increasing your trade's profit potential; however, it increases your risk, too.

Welcome Bonus is real money, which can be obtained by participating in current Company promotions.