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This won't speed up the mining process as your devices resources are not engaged by the miner. You will simply be watching the process take place on two different devices.
Mining speed is currently the same for all users, but we are working to provide more mining resources to users with high trading turnover. Follow our newsfeed for any developments in this area.
Due to the large number of users and limited computational capacities, the reward per block is constantly changing. The time it takes to compute one block may also change, but your reward tends to reduce the more you mine.
A large number of miners working simultaneously has a significant impact on the overall mining speed. On account of the limited computational capacities and the need to ensure the miner is available to all our clients at the highest possible speeds, four-hour sessions provide the best results
The number of clients using the miner is constantly changing. This can lead to a reduction in overall mining speed for all users. We are required to spread the mining process across all our servers to ensure that the mining service is available to all our clients.
You are mining BTC. The final amount in USD is subject to change depending on the applicable BTC exchange and commission rates.
The conversion of any funds earned into USD and their subsequent crediting to your Libertex account takes anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 hours.
Confirmation of your telephone number and email is integral to ensuring the security of your account.
All funds you earn may only be used for trading. Any profit you make during those trades, however, is yours to exchange or withdraw.
There are two potential reasons for this.