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Which Server may I choose at the moment of logging into the MT4 session?

You may choose the server which is indicated on the email you received at the moment of creating the account.

Another way is by choosing the server by reading the first three digits of your account:

MetaTrader 4  Instant  

MetaTrader 4 Market

From 700 to 709 ForexClub-MT4 Real Server From 720 to 729 ForexClub-MT4 Market Real Server
From 710 to 719 ForexClub-MT4 Real 2 Server From 730 to 739 ForexClub-MT4 Market Real 2 Server
From 750 to 769 ForexClub-MT4 Demo Server From 770 to 779 ForexClub-MT4 Market Demo Server
    From 790 to 799 ForexClub-MT4 Market Real 4 Server
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