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What should I do if I receive a request for scans of my passport/identity card or other documents (mobile version)?

Document requests are primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of our clients' funds. We ask for your understanding regarding such requests. We hope to work with you in the long term, and to do that, we need documentary confirmation of transactions. 


How do I know if documents have been requested?

If our specialists have requested any documents, you'll receive a notification in your account.




In addition, the request will also be sent to the e-mail address specified in your account.



How do I attach the requested documents?

In order to attach the requested documents, please watch step-by-step video instructions:



What does an additional document request look like?

If for whatever reason, the documents you provide don't meet the requirements, an additional request will be sent to you with comments about the correct documentation needed.

In order to attach the additionally requested documents, please watch step-by-step video instructions:



How long does it take to verify documents?

Verification of such documents usually takes several business days. Once again, we want to assure you that our goal is not to limit the speed of our Clients withdrawing funds but to guarantee clients the highest security when working with our Company.

Please refer to the clauses of the Regulation that you agreed to when creating your account to see when and under what conditions the Company has the right to request documents from you. Clause 1.5. of the Regulation regarding Non-Commercial Transactions reads: "In the course of an investigation, in order to protect the Client from fraudulent transactions, the Company reserves the right to request from the Client copies of the Client's identity card and bank cards used to deposit funds to the Trading Account, payment documents and other documents confirming legal ownership and legal origin of the funds."

We hope to have your understanding and support since this procedure is not just our requirement but a condition established by the payment confirmation policy adopted by most international companies operating online. Happy trading!

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