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Trading Ideas

Trading Ideas are generated by the Libertex Analytics Department.


Every day, our experts monitor the news and the situation across all markets, including the cryptocurrency market. They search for financial instruments and trends where money can be made at the moment for easy-to-understand and objective reasons.


We look at everything, from technical analysis, key macroeconomic statistics, speeches by politicians and other influential persons to central bank meetings, OPEC meetings or other significant events and processes.


As a result, you receive ready-to-use trading ideas that are valid for about 24 hours. You'll know when a new idea is available, thanks to the 'New' label that appears above the Lab section.



All ideas are divided into three groups depending on their risk level. You can also see the calculated profit level right away.




Just tap 'Open' to access the idea, where you can immediately make a trade, get information about the instruments included in the idea, their specific weights, the direction of opening a trade (buy or sell), and the suggested multiplier.


In summary, Trading Ideas let you:

1)     Save time analysing the market

2)     Save time creating a trading portfolio

3)     Use preset parameters for each trade

4)     Take advantage of turnkey risk management

5)     Open all trades in 1 tap.

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