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Increasing an Active Trade Amount

When opening a trade in Libertex, you can always rest assured your risk is limited by your investment amount, while your free margin always remains safe on your account.


However, there are times when the price may approach very close to the maximum level of loss and may be closed as a result of a strong unexpected market move. In these cases, you may want to increase the amount of your active trade.


In order to use this feature, select an active trade, then select the amount you wish to add to this trade, and confirm the transaction.

Once you've done this, the following things will happen:

- The trade amount will increase, and the force close level will be removed away from the risky zone, as per the following formula:


- The trade open price will change and will be equal to the average weighted price of the initial open price and the price set at the moment of making the transaction in question:

- Spread for such a transaction will be taken, its amount being based on the entire amount of the trade, taking into account the multiplier.

- Once you've completed the trade amount increase, the rollover fee will be calculated based on the new trade amount.

- Please note: When increasing the amount of any trade, the multiplier stays the same as when the trade was opened.




NewInv is the new trade amount after it has been increased

 NewPrice is the new opening price of the trade after the trade amount has been increased

 Inv(0) is the initial trade amount

 Price(0) is the initial open price

 Inv is the amount you add to the trade

 Price is the asset price set at the moment you increased the trade amount


Minimum amount required to make such a trade is 20 USD.

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