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How do I withdraw funds from my trading account?

To withdraw your funds:

In the web based trading platform, please go to 'Withdraw section':

Then, select 'New Request' > 'Wire Transfer' > 'Withdraw'.

On mobile platform, please select 'Wallet' > 'Withdraw Funds' .

Withdrawal method Possible currency in our system Comission Time of transfer Minimum payment Maximum payment
Bank transfer USD, EUR 29 USD From 2 to 5 working days with commission - 30 USD no
Skrill USD 1% (min 0,5 USD) Instantly 1 USD 2 000 USD
BTC BTC 40 USD + 0.1%     no
USDT (ERC-20) USDT 11 USD + 0.1%     no
USDC (ERC-20) USDC 7 USD + 0.1%     no
DAI (ERC-20) DAI 7 USD + 0.1%     no
ETH (ERC-20) ETH 4.2 USD + 0.1%     no

Full list of available withdrawal methods is specified in your Libertex terminal,  'Withdrawal funds' section.


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