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How can I find out my investor password for the MT4 and MT5 platforms?

What is the investor password, and why is it necessary?

 When you open a trading account in the MetaTrader platform, you receive the main password to your account and an investor password.


What is the investor password, and what is it for?

Suppose you trade with a friend, and you want to give him or her access to your account to see your trading history. But you want to be sure that this friend will only be able to view information, not open/close trades.


That’s where the investor password comes in. You can give your friend your trading account number, server name and investor password. After your friend logs into the trading platform using these credentials, they’ll be able to see what’s going on in your account but won’t be able to trade.


How do I find out my investor password?

An investor password is given to you when you open your account.

You can also generate your own investor password in the trading platform under Tools - Options - Server tab - Change button:


A menu will appear where you should check the ‘Change investor (read only) password’ option:


Next, in the ‘New password’ field, write your new investor password. Then, write it again in the ‘Confirm’ field and click ‘OK’. Your new investor password will take effect.

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