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Depositing funds using EchelonPay, USDT (TRC-20)

This deposit method is only available for Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Tajikistan, Israel, Georgia.

To deposit funds to your trading account, you must complete the following actions:

1.   Log into Libertex.

2.   Click the 'Deposit' button to go to the deposit method selection area to add funds to your trading account.

3.   From the dropdown 'Payment method' list, select 'Tether USDT TRC-20'.

4.   In the 'Amount' window, select USDT as the currency and enter the amount to deposit.

5.   Make sure all the data is entered correctly, then click 'Deposit'. After that, you'll be redirected to the website for the Echelon Payment system.

6.   In the window that opens in Echelon Pay, you'll see a QR code and a crypto address in text format to complete the payment.

7.   You'll need to go to your USDT-TRC wallet and use this QR code or text-format crypto address to send a payment from your wallet.

IMPORTANT! You'll need to make the payment with the amount completely matching the initially indicated payment amount (pay attention to the commission your wallet charges for making the payment). If the amount sent differs from the amount that was initially indicated (4th step of this instruction), the payment might not be credited.

8.   After sending the payment, complete the payment by tapping the 'Validate payment' button.


After successfully making the payment, you'll see the payment confirmation page.

Congratulations! You've deposited funds to your trading account!


Features of deposit method:

●     The minimum deposit amount is 50 USDT.

●     The maximum amount is 100 000 USDT.

●      There is no limit on the number of payments that can be made.

●      The conversion is done according to the company's internal exchange rate in effect at the moment the payment is credited (the estimated exchange rate when the request is created).

●      The company does not charge commission for the transfer.


Please pay attention to the following:

●     To make a payment, you'll need to log into Libertex each time, select the deposit method and follow the instructions.

Do NOT send a payment without logging into Libertex! If you do, the payment will be lost.

●     You'll need to use the crypto address/the QR code suggested by the payment system for every transaction.

Do NOT send payments to previously used addresses! The payment will be lost.


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