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Changing the multiplier in an open trade

All clients with Gold status or higher can change the multiplier in an open trade in the Libertex platform.

If you increase* the multiplier, the trade's result will change faster. If you lower it, it will correspondingly slow down.

This feature helps clients decrease the multiplier if they experience in order to slow down the speed at which the loss increases. If clients forecast a price movement in the desired direction, they can also increase the multiplier to increase profit speed.

When changing the multiplier in an open trade, the opening price for the trade is recalculated to keep the same effect (PL) with the current market price and the new multiplier. The subsequent calculation for the trade result will be based on the new multiplier.

Please note that there's no spread for lowering the multiplier. However, when increasing the multiplier, a spread corresponding to the additional volume is applied and calculated based on the trade amount, including the multiplier.

See the formula for calculating the new price below:

NewPr=(CurPr x OpenPr x NewM)/(CurM x (CurPr-OpenPr)+ NewM x OpenPr)


NewPr = New price

CurPr = Current Price

OpenPr = Opening Price

CurM = Current multiplier

NewM = New multiplier


*The maximum multiplier value can change when important economic news is released. A multiplier change may not be approved when attempting to increase the multiplier above the allowed limit.

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