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Benefit “Incentives for each deposit” for status holder Gold or higher

As you know we count with Loyalty statuses where you can find those under this link

What are bonus funds?

Bonus funds (bonuses) are USD-denominated monies that can be used for trading and generating profit, but cannot be directly withdrawn from users’ accounts.

What is the maximum amount of bonus funds I can have on my account?

The maximum amount of bonus funds that are eligible for withdrawal by a client from his or her account shall not exceed 20% of the total balance of said account. In the event that the client increases/decreases his or her USD account balance, the remaining amount of bonus funds available for trading shall be adjusted automatically.

Open positions are not taken into account when calculating the ratio of real funds to bonus funds.

In regards to the benefit “Incentives for each deposit” is available to statuses holders Gold or Higher (Platinum, Diamond and Exclusive) which is an incentive bonus after making a deposit regardless of the amount of such deposit.

For each status there will be different % of incentives credited:

Silver - no

Gold - 5%

Platinum - 8%

Diamond - 12%

Exclusive - 15%

How do we calculate the remaining amount of any bonus funds involved in an open trade?

The trade shall first be backed by real funds, and then by bonus funds. Also, bonus will be withdrawn while status is active by the following rule:

In case of real money withdrawal the incentives will be removed in the same proportion as they were credited according to your current status, but not more.


  • You are part of status Gold and you deposit 150 USD - you will get 7.5 USD of incentives
  • You are part of status Platinum and request a withdrawal of 200 USD - 16 USD will be also withdrawn, in case they were previously credited for deposit.
  • I requested a withdrawal for USD 72, at the time I got USD 8.64 discounted due to the bonus transfer taking into account that this withdrawal was not made from the initial deposit which was not used’. Why did it happen?

Explanation: This client’s status is Diamond, which for each deposit he receives (12%) and at the time of requesting the withdrawal of USD72 the 12% got discounted USD8.64 due to the Incentive bonus is made proportionally to the amount retired from the account. Meaning the USD 8.64 he was claiming came from the percentage of USD72 and the 12% of it.

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